The goal of career coaching is to find fulfillment and energy in your work, whether this is:

  1. in the same job at the same organization;
  2. another job at this organization;
  3. the same job in another industry or company;
  4. or maybe something completely new, like a new role in a different industry or direction. 

It may happen that in career coaching you come across themes that you would like to address, like perfectionism, lack of confidence, a strong urge to please or communication issues. We can address these to ensure you have all the tools to take the next step.  

Way coaching is for you as a professional if you: 

  • are looking for more fulfilment in work and life
  • want to grow personally or professionally
  • want to decide which path to take regarding your career
  • have lost your job or have been made redundant and are looking for your next step
  • have just come back from maternity leave and are doubting whether your job is still the right one 

As a career coach I support you in finding your way.

Discovery call & proposal

We start with a discovery (video) call, free of any obligation. The goal is to get to know each other, and talk about expectations for this coaching relationship. Following the call I will send you a tailor-made proposal for career coaching, detailing the number of sessions and costs, based on your needs.

Coaching sessions

A career coaching program typically consists of the following steps (6 sessions on average):

  1. You build a clear picture of who you are, what are your dreams and values, and what matters to you in life and work. We look at your strengths and talents and what skills you bring along.
  2. We research the work, the job, the industry and the conditions you choose for yourself. You develop a plan to make that next step and start working on your job search. 
  3. We look at your personal branding: how do you present yourself online, on paper and in person. I can support with reviewing your resume or LinkedIn profile, and support with preparing and practicing interviews.


We evaluate halfway to see if you are going in the right direction and if you feel you are getting the right support. The sessions will be closed if you feel you have reached your goal, or when you are confident you have the tools to achieve it by yourself.

We will plan the sessions according to our calendars. Depending on your timeline and goal we can schedule weekly sessions, or bi-weekly.